Took a friend for a birthday dinner.  Honestly, Jack’s is food and ambiance I hadn’t expected from Albany, NY.  That’s the downstater in me judging.  But I should knock that off cause I’m a Jersey girl now.  Yeah, more on that eventually when I’m ready to talk about it.  (huge adjustment, Jersey feels like a whole ‘nother country sometimes).

So there was wine, a pinot noir from oregon and I’m not knowledgeable enough to know the finer details of wine but I like to drink it.  So it was good.  I love the pomp and circumstance of ordering a bottle.  #classyasfuck

Started with a half dozen blue point oysters. I just really like oysters.  I like how salty they are and they taste like I am eating the ocean.  You know what? when I’m done with this post, I may do all the oysters I’ve eaten this year.  Cause they’re my new obsession. 

House salads came with the entrees, a house dressing.  Couldn’t figure out if it was raspberry or blood orange but good nonetheless.  There was bread too but we never even touched it. Best decision ever by the way.  more room for everything else.

I had the filet mignon, medium rare.  Normally I like my steaks medium but with the quality touted, I thought it only fair to the beef to let it stay super pink in the middle.  And how can you ever go wrong embracing the pink, right? So tender.  So flavorful.  A huge cut which would normally make me nervous about evenness.  But they pulled it off.  And go big or go home, right?

birthday friend ordered Steak au poivre and pan seared scallops. I don’t like scallops enough to ever commit to a full dish but I like thying them when someone else orders them.  These were so fricking good.  the sear was a perfect little crisp crunch and they had to have ade them in the perfect pan.  and yeah, I’m still loving seafood.  

Then. cause it was a birthday dinner, we ordered dessert.  We had them make an order of thier house made strawberry cotton candy to go because we were going back to hang out with other people for a little and thought it would be something very nice to bring as a present. And birthday boy picked a tiramisu. I cringed inside, I  do not normally like tiramisu, really, I don’t.  So i ordered proseco cause Chris turned me on to ordering a liquid dessert.  And then this loose interpretation of a tiramisu was brought out.  It had the sponge soaked in a liquor.  and the mascarpone.  but it had nothing else in common.  firstly, the liquor was LIMONCELLO.  then no chocolate, but strawberry.   and oh sweet jesus, really.   yeah.  if i could recreate that dinner and eat it every day for the rest of my life, I could not complain.  ever.  seriously. and turns out the cotton candy was really cute too.  yeah, that place was baller.  thank god its so far from me. i need some distance from something that fricking decadent. 


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